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Crescent Enterprises carefully aligns its sustainability priorities with local and global priorities

We commit to create lasting social value through our operating businesses, strategic investments and throughout our business incubation activities. Our responsible environmental and social performance is integral to our business success. That is why we carefully consider the implications of our activities on the environment and the communities in which we operate, placing sustainability in the centre of our business strategy and our stakeholders at the core of our business models.

Our sustainability framework

This is the fifth consecutive year that we report progress against our sustainability framework, which helps us achieve our sustainability vision 'Enabling Sustainable Growth'.

Our sustainability vision:

Enabling Sustainable Growth

Enabling ethical business


To establish common systems and policies related to governance, transparency, and accountability across Crescent Enterprises’ operating businesses.


Enabling responsible business operations through strong commitment to transparency and accountability.

Enabling a stronger society


To create a measurable positive impact in the communities in which we operate.


Driving the socioeconomic development of our countries of operations.

Enabling stewardship of the planet


To establish a baseline for environmental performance and manage impact.


Understanding Crescent Enterprises’ impact on the environment and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Enabling talent


To be recognised as an employer of choice.


Being an employer of choice and supporting young people and entrepreneurs.

Sustainability Reporting

We have voluntarily reported on our environmental and social performance and that of our operating subsidiaries since 2013.

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